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Local Osteopath, back care specialist, and Award Winning Author
Christian Bates Reveals Tips For Easing and Preventing Back Pain Based On His 19 Years Experience Of Helping Patients
In This Ebook, You'll Learn:
  • Tips To Help you if you suffer back pain that you can use right now
  • Ways to help you ease the pain or discomfort you may be in now
  • Simple ways to prevent back pain returning
  • Discover the #1 extremely common pattern of poor posture that osteopaths see and how to avoid it
  • Find out surprising causes of back pain - you will not have heard these before! And how to help them
  • One of the most common causes of a weak "core" leading to back pain. NOTE: No amount of sit-up's will fix this!
  • And much, much more to help you understand why and how back pain is commonly caused and what you can do to help yourself
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